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Hello, my good people! We’re almost halfway through March and I’m here for it! Let Spring BEGIN!

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Photo by William Bayreuth

Sick of being crammed in your seat on flights? Check out this hack on how to book The Airplane Seat With The Most Legroom Every Time You Fly.

Do you want to see 135 countries on one trip? I know it sounds impossible, but Life At Sea Cruises is making it happen. This 3-year cruise, YES- THREE YEARS, launches November 1, 2023, in Istanbul. It’ll pick up guests along the way in Miami and Barcelona. Read all about it here!

Finland has been voted the happiest place in the world for the last five years according to the World Happiness Report. Because of that, they’re holding a Master Class in Happiness! 10 lucky applicants will be whisked away to Finland to learn steps to become happier people. NGL, I applied the moment I heard about this! I love that anyone can apply. Here’s the link- best of luck!


By Present and Correct

By Present and Correct

I’m sure I’m not the only one that keeps a cache of emotional support notebooks and journals that rarely get used. If you’re in the same boat, then you’re going to love London-based, Present & Correct! They stock their inventory from 18 different countries around the world and also sell vintage office goods. The goods are moderately priced and they ship worldwide!

Sick of people being in the background of your favorite photos? Are you tired of seeing funny videos on Tiktok and Twitter without being able to download them to your phone? Then check out TinyWow. Marketed as the free tools that make everything simple, I gotta say, this website really does make life a bit easier! I also love that they don’t require you to give your email address to use their tools. You’ve got to check it out!

For my fellow ADHD fam, this next thing makes working online less chaotic. Sidekick was designed to help you focus and accomplish shit. The browser works like an app and streamlines the 28 tabs you have open in 4 different windows. That’s just one of the incredible features they offer. It’s hella fast AND it’s free. I’ve been using it for the last 24 hours and I love it!

Speaking of ADHD, I got embarrassingly honest with HuffPost about having ADHD and how much food I waste. I lowkey died a little inside when I read it, but I have to give myself points for my honesty.


I saw this on Twitter and now I want one in every color. This anatomical heart vase is so damn cute! I initially saw it in an online shop for $69. After a little research, I also found the same vase for $4.99 on AliExpress. LOL. Your best bet is to purchase it on Amazon. (aff. link)

Now that the weather is FINALLY warming up (kinda), the time to spring clean has arrived. Read these great hacks for decluttering your space!

For my audiobook aficionados, you need to check out LibriVox. It’s a free app available on the Apple Store and Google Play and it gives you access to free domain books (audibly). They’ve created over 17,000 audiobooks so far which is amazing since the books are recorded by volunteers!


Photographed by Jean-Pierre Gabriel

If you’re like me and are 100% convinced that carbs don’t count when you’re on a trip, check out this beautifully designed bakery located in Ghent, Belgium. Aptly named, The Bakery, and designed by Joost Arijs, I can’t help but get Ex-Machina vibes when I look at the photos!

Photographed by Jean-Pierre Gabriel

Photographed by Jean-Pierre Gabriel

Photographed by Jean-Pierre Gabriel

As We See It: Artists Redefining Black Identity by Aida Amoako is at the top of my reading list! Amoako offers a thought-provoking exploration of the latest Black visual renaissance through an accumulation of art, media, and technology that conveys Black experiences.

If you love a well-curated art show or design expo, you’re in luck! Dezeen’s Event Guide keeps an updated list of art, design, and architecture events happening around the world!


If your go-to drink of choice is a delightful glass of wine, check out this Definitive List of Black Owned Wineries Around The Globe.

As if deleting our period apps due to the shit laws on abortion wasn’t bad enough, now Facebook and Google are working with police by sharing your digital data to prosecute abortion seekers. I hate it here.

Check out Paris’ new library. It’s gorgeous, free to use AND it’s open to the general public!

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