Who Else Is Glad January Is Over?

Let The Real Start of 2023 Begin!

Is anyone else thrilled that February is finally here? January seemed to drag on for ages. It literally felt like 7 weeks in just one month.

Okay, enough of me complaining. I'm happy you are all here! Let's get into it!

Remembering Tyre Nichols

I'm sure everyone is aware of the horrendous murder of Tyre Nichols. While cops have been murdering people since the institution of policing was established, it doesn't make what happened to him any easier to swallow.

While the video of his murder has been viewed millions of times by people everywhere, his friends want to remember him in a different way. Read all about it here and be sure to watch the video in the article of Tyre smiling and skating with friends.

For My Art, Design, and Architecture Enthusiasts

This MOOT Book Holder by Kim daeun has been living in my mind rent-free for the last week.

The architect Ricardo Abreu renovated his apartment in São Paulo, Brazil and it's nothing less than stunning. Something about his use of color is so soothing! Photographed by Renato Navarro, you can see the full project here.

I just found out that before he passed, Virgil Abloh and Mercedes Benz collaborated on this beautifully designed solar-powered electric car in 2021. It's giving boogie Mad Max vibes.

Read all about the collaboration here. (Photos courtesy of Mercedes Benz)

Because We Can All Use A Little Help

I recently discovered Do Not Pay- the world's first robot lawyer. Now before you think I've completely lost it, the app allows you to do SO MANY things! It can send out a Breach of Contract, File a Police Report, Car Lease Negotiations, and much more! You should definitely check it out!

Are you sick of having to give your email address just to get 10% off of your purchase online? I feel your pain. So when I came across 10 Minute Mail, I knew I had to tell you guys about it! It's a free temporary email service.

I struggle with breathing when it comes to meditation, so when I heard about Xhalr, I had to give it a try! It's a simple, free online app that helps you breathe better.


I didn't follow Paris Fashion Week too closely, but there were two items I saw that I suddenly feel like I can't live without!

This Teardrop veil from Casablanca's RTW 2023 collection has left me clutching my pearls! It's just PERFECT. (Photo Courtesy of Casablanca)

If you love a good-looking well-made bag, then you're going to love this PRADA FW23 leather tote! It's simple, yet chic. It comes in a variety of colors, but I'm partial to the one below. (Photo courtesy of PRADA)

The State of Social

There's apparently more than meets the eye when it comes to going viral on Tiktok. Read about their "Heating Button" and why it's a problem here.

Well, that's all for now!

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Bye for now friends!

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